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What Is The Violet Flame?

There are numerous completely different understandings of what the violet flame is, relying on non secular follow and viewpoint. I prefer to strip again the layers and deal with the core facets.

What Is The Violet Flame?

At its core, the violet flame is an vitality stream that goals to attach spirit with matter. Violet flame vitality is extremely adaptable and may work between completely different energetic densities and dimensions whereas sustaining its excessive vibration. This, partly, permits violet flame vitality to bridge the energetic and dimensional gaps between spirit and matter.

Nonetheless, violet flame vitality is greater than only a bridge; it’s an built-in conduit that goals to offer a cross vibrational and dimensional between spirit and matter. Thus, it may be seen as a catalyst for change. 

Violet flame energies include huge quantities of common info. While you achieve non secular discoveries by working with change, you add your distinctive discovery and perspective to the common info. 

While you achieve common info and expertise a brand new non secular understanding, it’s possible you’ll expertise moments of enlightenment. This will improve your non secular improvement and additional speed up your non secular consciousness.

Violet flame energies are sometimes related to the ascended masters. Whereas the ascended masters should not half of the particular violet flame energies – you may work with the violet flame energies with out working with the ascended masters – you might be able to join with them extra accessible in the event you select by working with these energies. 

The energies of the violet flame are exceptionally purifying, loving, transmutative and excessive vibration. This makes these energies a wonderful addition to vitality therapeutic practices as they’re adaptable, supportive, nurturing, but can problem you to work with change and, in so doing, stimulate additional non secular discoveries and improvement. 

Violet Flame Attunements

For those who work with attunements, there are numerous violet flame attunements it’s possible you’ll discover attention-grabbing. Specifically in case you are searching for a pure and dynamic energetic connection to violet flame energies, you must think about the Dynamic Violet Flame Connections Upkeep Attunement.



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