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Uncover Your Hogwarts Home Crystals – Harry Potter

Uncover your Hogwarts home crystals and gem stones. These are the gems and crystals that I really feel assist or signify the traits, strengths and persona forms of the totally different Harry Potter homes…

The 20 12 months Anniversary

I nonetheless can’t consider it’s been twenty years because the launch of the primary Harry Potter movie (film). Harry Potter and the Thinker’s Stone was launched in 2001. I nonetheless do not forget that cinema expertise and later learn the e book. I not too long ago watched the Twentieth-anniversary reunion which was so nostalgic and a bit emotional. This weblog submit is a bit totally different and only a little bit of enjoyable, so do let me know what you suppose.

The time turner necklace on a book with a lantern
The time turner necklace

The Homes & The Sorting Hat

If you’re not already conscious, within the books there’s a college for witches and wizards referred to as Hogwarts the place the principle characters go. When college students arrive, they participate in a sorting hat ceremony the place they placed on a magical speaking hat. The hat decides which of the 4 homes (teams of live-in college students) you belong to. Both Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

Every home is related to totally different persona traits and has its personal colors and symbols. Due to the large fan base, many readers had been curious which home they might be positioned in and tended to establish with one among them.

The great hall at Hogwarts with a white owl
The nice corridor at Hogwarts the place the ceremony takes place

Discovering Your Hogarts Home

Should you don’t already know which Hogwarts home you belong to, there are fairly a couple of methods to seek out out. There are a whole lot of quizzes on-line and apps that may assign you a home primarily based in your responses. The official one although is on the Wizarding World web site (formally Pottermore) however you will have to enroll to make use of it.

Some individuals discover it extra correct to see which home traits they most relate to. You need to use the wizarding world web site above or learn the traits I share under for every home.

What's your Hogwarts house gemstone?
What’s your Hogwarts home gemstone?

Hogwarts Home Crystals & Gems

I’ve primarily based my crystal suggestions on the traits I do know of and people defined on the Wizarding World web site. This text is for enjoyable but in addition might help you faucet into these strengths inside you.

Since I wrote down my notes on these crystals I’ve discovered that JK Rowling has given 4 cardinal gemstone associations for the 4 Hogwarts homes. Three of them matched mine (Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire). She related diamond with Hufflepuff however it’s not a gemstone many can afford. There are additionally a whole lot of issues concerning the mining and ethics of diamonds today. Due to this, it’s not used a lot in crystal therapeutic.

The opposite valuable gemstone colors match the home colors. Color is vibration in spite of everything so the meanings do align nicely too as I’ll clarify. My crystal associations are primarily based extra on the properties and meanings of the stones, quite than the colors. I’ve given three crystals per home, I hope you get pleasure from them!

TIP – You don’t want gem-quality excessive grade crystals in up to date crystal therapeutic. A decrease grade stone is completely appropriate and surprisingly inexpensive.

Hogwarts House Crystals & Gemstones revealed
Hogwarts Home Crystals & Gems revealed


Image = Lion

Colors = Scarlet & gold

Traits = Courageous, daring, brave, decided, challenges authority

Gryffindor crystals and gemstones
Gryffindor crystals and gem stones


That is an apparent gemstone affiliation with the color but in addition the meanings match. Pure Rubies vary from purple to purple, they’re very lively and firey stones. Gryffindors will discover Ruby an excellent supply for elevated power and vitality when wanted. It additionally helps you faucet into your private energy and management qualities.

Faceted natural Ruby
Faceted pure Ruby


This is likely one of the most Leo (the lion) power stones there’s. Golden Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of self-confidence and bravado. This golden-brown banded stone helps you face and overcome your fears. Tiger’s Eye additionally will increase your willpower.

Tiger's Eye
Tiger’s Eye


Sunstone all the time brings a way of journey with it. This crystal helps Gryffindors in shining their mild and being seen. You possibly can work with Sunstone when you’ll want to undertake a extra optimistic mindset that will help you obtain your objectives.



Image = Snake

Colors = Emerald inexperienced & silver

Traits = Noble, bold, shrewd, resourceful, darkish humour, satisfaction of their look

Slytherin crystals and gemstones
Slytherin crystals and gem stones


In addition to its color affiliation, this gemstone is nice for all Slytherins. Emerald helps heal and open your coronary heart which could soften your power a bit of. It enhances emotional intelligence. Emerald is nice for understanding esoteric information too.

Faceted Emerald
Faceted Emerald


Working with Black Obsidian helps shadow work. This black volcanic glass helps you sever connections to individuals or conditions which can be a foul affect on you. Should you discover unfavourable persons are drawn to you it gives highly effective no-nonsense energetic safety.

Black Obsidian arrowhead
Black Obsidian arrowhead


Not solely is that this crystal inexperienced however it’s also named after the serpent, the image of Slytherin. It’s a nice stone for Slytherins as a result of it helps you entry your energy to vary when wanted. In addition to supporting private transformation Serpentine is cleaning to all of your chakras.

Russian Serpentine
Russian Serpentine


Image = Eagle

Colors = Blue & bronze

Traits = Clever, smart, witty, inventor, particular person, talent in studying, overachiever

Ravenclaw crystals and gemstones
Ravenclaw crystals and gem stones


Blue Sapphires not solely show the home color however they faucet into the ability of your thoughts. Sapphire stimulates psychological processes and hones your talent of study. This blue to darkish violet gemstone helps researching and searching on the particulars. It additionally teaches you to belief your interior knowledge.

Faceted natural Sapphire
Faceted pure Sapphire


This indigo to blue and white stone is ideal for Ravenclaws. Sodalite brings you psychological readability and strengthens the thoughts. It’s an inspirational stone that prompts modern concepts inside you. Work with this blue crystal in case you are searching for intelligent options.



I’ve chosen blue and gold Lapis Lazuli for Ravenclaws to assist stability out their power. Ravenclaws can get a bit of too caught of their thoughts generally and put an excessive amount of emphasis on intelligence and ‘information’. Lapis Lazuli helps you faucet into your instinct and non secular knowledge.

Lapis Lazuli flame
Lapis Lazuli flame


Image = Badger

Colors = Yellow & black

Traits = Reliable, loyal pal, hardworking, humble, moral, truthful, does their finest

Hufflepuff crystals and gemstones
Hufflepuff crystals and gem stones


This heat yellow type of jasper assists you in sustaining a optimistic mindset. Yellow Jasper helps you keep grounded as you’re employed towards attaining your objectives. This earthy stone will increase self-belief in all that you just do.

Yellow Jasper
Yellow Jasper


It is a stone of fact and justice. Blue Kyanite teaches you to do what’s proper in difficult conditions. This silvery-blue crystal can be useful in releasing self-limiting beliefs which may be holding you again out of your highest potential.

Blue Kyanite blade
Blue Kyanite blade


Sky blue to blue-green Turquoise helps Hufflepuffs discover their route. It’s a conventional stone of true friendship and helps you in expressing your fact. Turquoise brings readability so as to see what’s the proper factor to do and carries the power of justice.


What Hogwarts home are you in and do any of those crystals resonate? I’d love to listen to from you within the feedback under (PLEASE maintain any questions you will have concise and follow this weblog submit subject if you’d like a response).

If you’re searching for different data please use the search field or go to my FREE Assets web page to see if it’s already been lined elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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