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Tooth demineralization and remineralization.

Our tooth are underneath assault day and evening from a mix of the acids and carbohydrates that we eat and the natural acids produced by bacterial plaque. When acid is available in contact with tooth, calcium and phosphate are dissolved from the enamel floor and the tooth turn out to be softer and weaker. If this demineralization course of was allowed to hold on unchecked, our tooth would turn out to be broken and decayed in a short time! Fortunately the saliva that we produce in our mouth can dilute and neutralize the acid and halt demineralization earlier than any injury is completed. Saliva is wealthy in calcium and phosphate ions and because it bathes our tooth it naturally replaces the misplaced minerals and returns the enamel to its full energy. A wholesome mouth at relaxation ought to have a pH studying of between 6.7 – 7.3. At a pH of round 7, there is not going to be any lack of minerals from the enamel and there needs to be minimal plaque development. Nevertheless, if the pH falls to five.5 or decrease there will probably be a launch of calcium and phosphorus ions from the enamel floor and the tooth will turn out to be weaker.   So as to preserve the tooth robust and wholesome it is crucial that the demineralization and remineralization course of stays completely balanced. If this pure course of is disrupted and minerals are misplaced faster than they’re changed the tooth will turn out to be gentle and susceptible to decay. There are numerous the reason why the pure stability of the mouth is upset and tooth demineralize faster than they are often repaired –

  • Poor oral hygiene – The micro organism which might be current in plaque feeds off of the carbohydrates and sugars that we eat after which excretes natural acid onto the tooth floor. The acid then begins to strip away the minerals from the enamel and weaken the tooth. If the plaque biofilm just isn’t eliminated correctly by toothbrushing and flossing, the therapeutic properties of saliva will not be adequate to remineralize and restore the tooth and decay will start. To maintain the tooth freed from plaque it is strongly recommended to brush the tooth twice a day and floss at the very least as soon as a day.
  • Poor weight loss program – Sure meals can contribute and enhance the demineralization course of. Any meals which might be excessive in refined sugar and carbohydrates will react with micro organism to type the natural acid that dissolves away the minerals from the enamel floor. Consuming these sorts of meals a number of occasions a day may cause tthe oral cavity to turn out to be nearly completely acidic to the purpose the place the tooth aren’t remineralized quick sufficient to forestall tooth decay. After consuming a sugary snack or beverage, it takes about half-hour for saliva to return the mouth to a wholesome setting for tooth. Nevertheless, if extra snacks like sweets or gentle drinks are consumed within the meantime, the mouth can’t return to a impartial state the place minerals could be changed into the tooth enamel.
  • Dry mouth – It’s unimaginable for the oral cavity to stay wholesome and balanced when the mouth is dry of saliva. Low saliva manufacturing may cause fast tooth decay, mouth infections, and unhealthy breath. With out an ample provide of saliva, it’s doubtless that the tooth will demineralize shortly particularly if mixed with a weight loss program of sugary snacks and drinks. A dry mouth could be attributable to the next – illnesses of the salivary glands, a aspect impact of many medicines, stress, diabetes, hormonal modifications, anorexia and mouth respiratory.
  • Acid Reflux – Individuals who undergo from acid reflux disease have a better threat of experiencing relentless enamel demineralization and tooth decay. Acid reflux disease happens when gastric acid travels up the esophagus ending within the mouth.

So How Does Theodent Really Work?

Simply to recap on what now we have realized up to now –

  • Tooth enamel protects the extra delicate dentin and pulp layers.
  • Tooth enamel is made up of 96% calcium phosphate hydroxyapatite.
  • Tooth are in a continuing flux between demineralization and remineralization.
  • When the mouth turns into acidic i.e. pH 5.5 and decrease, the demineralization course of begins and calcium phosphate is dissolved from the enamel making it softer and weaker.
  • When saliva neutralizes the acid and returns the mouth to a balanced PH, remineralization takes place and calcium phosphate is returned to the tooth to return them to their former energy.
  • If the pure stability of the mouth is disrupted, tooth can demineralize faster than they are often repaired by the remineralization course of, the enamel will get progressively weaker and thinner.
  • Demineralization of tooth could be attributable to poor weight loss program, poor oral hygiene and low ranges of saliva.
  • When enamel wears away the tooth turn out to be delicate and inclined to decay.

Protecting tooth wholesome and powerful could be very easy in concept however could be very tough for many individuals in apply. All it’s important to do theoretically is be sure that the remineralization course of is allowed to operate correctly so the tooth enamel should not allowed to get progressively softer and weaker. This could typically be achieved by the next steps –

  • Eat a wholesome balanced weight loss program that incorporates minimal refined sugars.
  • Keep away from Extremely acidic drinks.
  • Clear all surfaces of every tooth totally twice a day by toothbrushing and flossing.
  • Clear your tongue daily with a tongue scraper.
  • Drink loads of water.
  • Chew on Xylitol gum to stimulate saliva stream.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Keep away from something that may trigger dry mouth; e.g. drugs, stress and respiratory by your mouth.

Sadly, in apply, it may be tough, if not unimaginable to comply with all of the above steps. Most of us prefer to eat meals and drink drinks that aren’t notably good for our tooth. Modern-day residing usually comes with stresses and strains that deplete our vitality and time, specializing in attaining the right degree of oral well being is normally not notably excessive on our record of priorities. And sicknesses are part of life and so they must be handled with medicines that may, on events trigger dry mouth. Because of all of the stresses and strains on our tooth, most of us have needed to depend on the therapeutic advantages of fluoride to maintain our tooth wholesome and powerful. Though fluoride has turn out to be considerably controversial, medical trials courting again over 50 years clearly present that it performs an vital function in protecting the demineralization-remineralization course of in favor of remineralization. If fluoride is current throughout the remineralization course of it’s truly included into the enamel as calcium fluorapatite which truly leaves the tooth stronger and extra proof against decay. Fluorapatite is chemically extra steady than hydroxyapatite and might face up to a pH of 4.5 earlier than minerals are dissolved versus pH 5.5 within the case of hydroxyapatite. Though it’s typically accepted that fluoride does have a optimistic impact on tooth enamel it is usually clear that there are various disadvantages and potential risks linked with its use. A number of the most controversial elements of utilizing fluoride as a therapeutic agent to manage tooth decay embrace:

  • Fluoride could be extremely poisonous if ingested or absorbed in excessive sufficient ranges.
  • It’s potential to be uncovered to fluoride from many sources together with; consuming water, meals, drinks and dental well being merchandise. It’s potential for some folks to be overexposed to fluoride with out them truly understanding it.
  • Fluoride is thought to trigger a staining impact on the tooth referred to as fluorosis.
  • Early analysis suggests a potential hyperlink between overexposure to fluoride and psychological well being problems.
  • There are options that kids who’ve been uncovered to fluoride could exhibit decrease IQ ranges.
  • Accumulation of fluoride may cause Skeletal fluorosis which is a weakening of the bones.
  • There’s some blended proof to recommend that though fluoride can enhance bone density it will possibly additionally straight contribute to an elevated threat of bone fractures.
  • Folks with weak kidney operate are extra susceptible to over publicity as a result of their kidneys are unable to excrete fluoride effectively.
  • Early analysis is linking fluoride to diabetes.
  • Scientific research on animals have proven a hyperlink between excessive fluoride ranges and decreased fertility in males.

As useful as fluoride could also be to tooth enamel there are clearly some very actual considerations concerning the detrimental results it will possibly trigger to the human physique. When it comes to rising enamel energy and resilience, there has by no means been a viable different to fluoride up till now, and that’s the place Theodent is available in. Theodent is a fluoride free toothpaste that makes use of an ingredient referred to as theobromine as a therapeutic agent to strengthen tooth.

What’s theobromine?

Theobromine is a naturally occurring plant alkaloid that’s principally sourced from the cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao). The cocoa tree is native to the tropical areas of South America however it’s now additionally closely cultivated in Africa and Asia to reap the precious seeds (normally referred to as cocoa beans) from contained in the fruit of the tree. Cocoa beans are used to supply a variety of merchandise like cocoa powder, chocolate, confectionary, and flavorings. When cocoa beans are processed, the 1% theobromine contained within the beans turns into an vital a part of the make-up of chocolate and cocoa powder.
The concept of utilizing theobromine to strengthen tooth took place by pure accident. Throughout the technique of researching the consequences of caffeine on creating tooth, it was discovered that exposing tooth enamel to caffeine resulted within the formation of smaller hydroxyapatite crystals. Since hydroxyapatite is the primary part of enamel the discount of crystal measurement resulted in a faster charge of demineralization when the enamel was uncovered to acid. The analysis concluded that caffeine did certainly have a adverse impact on tooth, however in doing so, it was additionally found that the just about similar theobromine molecule had the precise reverse impact. Fairly than inflicting the discount of hydroxyapatite crystals, theobromine truly elevated the dimensions of the hydroxyapatite crystals.



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