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Supernatural Self-Therapeutic Elements – Ki Prepare

Over the centuries, folks over the world have tried to eat nearly each conceivable substance for the nutritive or medicinal qualities. The overwhelming majority come from the wild plant world, however there are additionally some that come from the animal world (land or sea world).

The Ki Prepare Technique is about discovering steadiness by all means potential, that’s the reason we contemplate that no effort needs to be spared so as to discover that distinctive particular ‘ingredient’ that may result in steadiness, even for a second. Steadiness is translated into Well being.

The Supernatural Therapeutic Elements can affect our energies in several methods corresponding to:

Qi (Chi, Ki)

These components improve the physiological power manufacturing. They assist the physique to perform at optimum ranges, leading to a pure improve in vitality. They improve the digestion by stimulating the spleen, and subsequently they assist the physique develop into extra environment friendly within the transformation of meals into chi and blood. In addition they nourish the lungs by enhancing the manufacturing of chi from oxygen. The chi circulates via the meridians offering the organs and tissues with the required vitality


There are components that nourish the blood and assist the physique to make the most of vitamins, so as to perform correctly. Blood nourishes all of the tissues of the physique, in addition to the pores and skin. They enhance blood circulation.

Males are ruled by Qi and ladies are ruled by blood. Males profit from blood nourishing components too.

Yin Jing

Yin is outlined as the buildup and storage of power. Yin components nourish the fluids of the physique and supply the essence of life. The Yin Jing is saved primarily within the kidneys with an awesome influence on the well being of the skeleton, adrenal glands, ears, hair, tooth and bone marrow.  Yin Jing is straight related to longevity. they’re thought of the principle components of immortality.

Analogy with a candle: Jing is the wax and wick, qi and Blood is the sunshine of the flame and the warmth is the non secular Shen power

Yang Jing

They’re the ability herbs using the potential power of the Yin Jing. Yang Jing is liable for willpower, psychological creativity, braveness and the flexibility to manifest one’s concepts. They’re additionally targeted on the kidneys, similar as they Yin Jing components. Some are thought of well-known aphrodisiacs sexual tonics.

The Yang components are used to stimulate the metabolism, construct muscle, scale back the degrees of fats within the system. They strengthen the bones, decrease again, knees and joints typically.


The Shen supernatural components nourish the center non secular power. There are two classes: Shen stabilizers (they calm and regulate the feelings in order that Shen might be developed) and Shen-enhancing (inflicting the Shen power to stand up).

Reishi regulates the immune system. It’s used to enhance cardiovascular system. it could possibly assist scale back the unwanted side effects of might sorts of chemotherapy and radiation remedies. Reishi is an excellent antistress ingredient. It has been used for a lot of generations by Daoists, recognized to trigger calmness, enhance reminiscence, sharpen focus and focus, construct willpower and assist construct knowledge. Reishi spores are probably the most potent pure immunological recognized to man.


Ginseng is a robust antistress agent, prevents overfatigue. It isn’t a stimulant just like the caffeine, but will increase alertness. It improves reminiscence and cognitive energy, and might usually reverse mental and psychological deterioration.


Nice to strengthen the muscle tissue, helpful for these bodily energetic and require plentiful bodily power. It heals wounds sooner. It’s an excessive immune modulator and a very good antioxidant.


It is extremely good to stimulate kidney features (together with sexual, brainpower, structural integrity and self-healing means). It will increase resistance of the physique to micro organism and viruses. It helps regulating blood strain and strengthen the center muscle.


It was found by Japanese researchers that many Chinese language of their 80’es drink Gynostemma each day. It slows down ageing, improves digestion, sexual features, helps calm the nerves and eases ache. It helps decreasing weight by accelerating the physique’s metabolism.


It brightens the eyes and improves imaginative and prescient. Good for shedding pounds. Recent Lycium has the best content material of beta-carotene amongst all meals on earth. It additionally comprises flavonoids, which they’re highly effective antioxidants.


It generates vitality and wonder. If used for 100 days consecutively, it purifies the blood, sharpens the thoughts, improves reminiscence, causes a radiant wholesome side to the pores and skin. It improves the kidney power (particularly sexually).


It’s thought of to be a main fertility enhancing herb. It helps enhancing the liver and kidney features. It’s an antiaging herb.


It moistens and purifies the lungs, aiding in respiration, eradicating the toxins and bettering all respiratory features. This leads to a gorgeous pores and skin situation. Additionally it is opens the center nourishing the Shen power. It lifts the individual spirit to achieve happiness.


Daoist masters drink this tea to replenish the Yin Jing power within the kidneys. Mixed with licorice root, it turns into a real aphrodisiac tea.


It tonifies the yang jing within the kidneys and likewise nourishes the yin jing. For whoever has issues with their knees, this tea is superb to heal the kidneys-knee power. I’ve tried it myself for 9 months and healed utterly my left knee with out doing any surgical procedure.


It is a superb qi tonic, rising very important power. It strengthens the digestive and metabolic techniques.  It’s a highly effective anti-inflammatory agent. It’s known as the good detoxifier.


Neem is a pure antibiotic that can be utilized in lots of conditions. It is likely one of the most bitter herbs I’ve each tasted in my life, but additionally probably the most miraculous ones. I take advantage of it for greater than 13 years now in preventing infections, sore throat, pores and skin allergic reactions, urinary infections and others. It may be used as oil or leaves powder.

There are numerous extra supernatural self-healing components that should be recognized.

 Meals is our drugs, so we must always continue to learn what we will eat to seek out steadiness and excellent well being.



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