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Sound & Immunity Half IV: Breath, Intention and Resonance

This collection of blogs has been on easy methods to improve our immunological system. Specifically, I’ve centered on aware buzzing as an exercise to help with this. There’s a lot extra to jot down, however for the second, I’m merely going to delve slightly deeper into the world of buzzing for these of you who’ve been studying the previous 3 blogs and are maybe intrigued by buzzing.  Within the final weblog, I recommended 10 steps that have been helpful strategies for facilitating Acutely aware Buzzing. 

I’m going so as to add just a few extra very particular facets of Acutely aware Buzzing which might be extra superior.  After I use the time period Acutely aware Buzzing, I referring to the exercise of actually focusing our consciousness on the exercise of buzzing. This includes deep respiratory, centered intention, (focus and consciousness) in addition to resonance.   Every of those topics deserve ebook size chapters and certainly, they obtain this in THE HUMMING EFFECT.  For brevity, I’m going to aim to cope with every of those subjects in a quick, however concise (and I belief, hopefully useful method) on this weblog—principally with ideas and phrases. I can not encourage your sufficient to learn the ebook.  However within the interim.

Deep respiratory is actually vital in buzzing. Breath is sound.  Breath is life.  Diaphragmatic respiratory means respiratory into your diaphragm in a gradual and deep method.   It’s complete physique respiratory and incorporates taking deep and full breaths into your physique. This exercise alone is sufficient to be really therapeutic.  In India, Pranayama is the examine of life power by way of respiratory.  On your private well being and improvement, study to do diaphragmatic respiratory.  It’s actually necessary. There are quite a few books and video on the topic.   Simply the straightforward act of inhaling a gradual and deep method may have highly effective physiological results together with decreasing coronary heart fee and respiration in addition to serving to oxygenate your cells.  There are numerous different useful results.  Deep respiratory is a key ingredient in decreasing stress.

Intention is the power behind the sound we create.  Once we make sound, our consciousness may be projected upon the sound.  A few years in the past, I created the components: “Frequency + Intent = Therapeutic”.   Which means that the sound we make in addition to the intention we encode upon the sound are equally vital.  (notice:  when utilizing the phrase “Intent”, you can even substitute visualization.  One other components I work with which is sort of the identical is: “Vocalization + Visualization = Manifestation.”  In the end, I feel that intent, visualization and perception are very related). First postulated in my ebook HEALING SOUNDS, this idea of including visualization or intent to no matter sound being made is definitely on the foundation of most sacred and magical traditions that work with sound.

As you follow your buzzing exercise, start to experiment with encoding totally different intentions upon the sound.  Would you like the sound to resonate a selected a part of your physique?  Earlier than you truly start making any sound, take just a few deep breaths to find out what your intention is.  Then, encode it onto the sound.  If you’d like the hum to be resonating your mind, focus this intention on the sound.  If you’d like the hum to be resonating your throat space or chest space, challenge this intention onto the sound.  Test your self out throughout and after you’ve hummed with this intention to find out if it has been efficient.   I’ve discovered you could make the identical sound with totally different intention and have very totally different results.  And you can even change the pitch when doing this. It is dependent upon what works for you.

Resonance is the frequency or pitch of the sound and the way it vibrates with you.  Altering your pitch can even have an effect on the place the sound is vibrating in your physique.  Deeper sounds will usually naturally vibrate decrease in your physique than increased pitched sounds.  Only a slight variance of the pitch can really have an effect on the resonance of the sound.  All of us appear to have barely totally different pitches.  Experiment with the pitch and decide what resonates finest with you. When pitch is coupled with intention, these two variables could make all of the distinction in how the sound—particularly, the hum—impacts you.

Keep in mind to maintain your lips closed while you hum.  For those who open your mouth, among the sound power will escape by way of your mouth and is misplaced.  Subsequently, as a way to potentiate most resonance, preserve your lips closed.  

For a extra nasal hum—to resonate the sinus cavity, attempt making a nasalized buzzing sound—a HNNN.   For those who change this to a HMMM, you’ll most likely really feel the hum resonate a bit decrease—presumably in your throat or chest.  Both is sweet relying upon which space you wish to resonate and as at all times, what works for you. As an added approach for max nasalized resonance, contact the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, simply behind your entrance enamel.  Do that for your self, holding your tongue down after which touching the roof of your mouth along with your tongue and notice the distinction. 

While you add all these substances collectively—breath, intention and resonance, you’ll find some really superb experiences by way of sound. 

Keep in mind, the extra your follow the exercise of buzzing, the larger and extra profound your expertise of buzzing will likely be.  I’d wish to recommend that you simply take not less than ten minutes a day (5 minutes to hum after which 5 minutes to be in silence) to start to provoke your journey into buzzing. 

Please evaluation the earlier 3 blogs.  There’s a variety of good info in there.  I’ve solely skimmed the floor of all of the facets of buzzing.  The extra you uncover, the extra amazed you can be.  In the meanwhile, if you wish to resonate your nasal cavity to provide Nitric Oxide or Melatonin—give attention to the frequency and intention for that to happen.  If you wish to expertise deep leisure and stress discount, you would possibly experiment with totally different intention of resonance and consciousness. 

I belief this weblog has been useful for helping your Acutely aware Buzzing exercise.  Throughout the difficult occasions we’re at present encountering, it’s extra vital than ever to start the follow of Acutely aware Buzzing.  Studying Acutely aware Buzzing is usually a useful lifetime follow.  I do know it has grow to be that for me. 

Subsequent weblog, we’ll take a look at the significance of the vagus nerve with regard to our well being and sound.  



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