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Finest Tongue Scrapers 2021 |

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DAVID CRUICKSHANK – Creator – Up to date 11 December 2020

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We have now picked out 5 tongue scrapers in all sizes and shapes to swimsuit each mouth. Our product choices embrace metallic scrapers, plastic scrapers, tongue brushes, and toothbrush attachments. Selecting a tongue cleaner that fits your individual explicit physiology will make the method extra snug and environment friendly.


Firstly the small-sized cleansing head minimizes the prospect of the physique activating its pure choking-defense system often known as the pharyngeal reflex or gag reflex. Some folks have delicate gag reflexes and discover it onerous to put bigger tongue cleaners on the rear of their mouths. The small dimensions and clean contours of the Wondrous Tongue Wand make it simpler to succeed in the rear of the tongue. The rear of the tongue is among the predominant downside areas, so selecting a scraper that you could comfortably attain again so far as attainable provides you with the very best outcomes.



Lady-owned firm, positioned in Southern California

Key specs
MATERIAL: Medical grade polymer
6.7 x 2.25 x 0.5 inches


The Orabrush was developed by Dr. Bob Wagstaff within the early 2000’s and ultimately gained huge recognition because of intelligent advertising and viral movies.
This scraper has a dual-action cleansing mechanism that makes use of micro-pointed brush bristles mixed with a plastic lipped scraper blade to take away the coating from the tongue floor. The Orabrush bristles are good and gentle which makes the cleansing expertise light and nice.

Dr. Tung

The Dr. Tung scraper is a U-shaped scraper that options a stainless-steel cleansing blade and luxury grip handles. The contoured knife blade is designed to take away the residual coating of the tongue as effectively as attainable. The scraper is on the market in a number of colours and comes with a useful bamboo fiber journey pouch.
The Dr. Tung scraper is pretty sharp, so watch out to start out gently to keep away from damaging the tongue tissue.

Tung Brush

The Tung brush is designed for use along with the Tung gel to provide your tongue an entire clear. The gel is formulated for deep cleansing and neutralizing dangerous breath odor. The mix of the comb and gels helps give a deeper clear.

Amano Tongue Cleanser

The Amano cleanser is among the most substantial and classy choices. The U formed cleansing blade is solid from sturdy high-grade chromium and nickel alloy. The cleansing blade is ergonomically designed to attenuate the gag reflex because the person strikes it in direction of the again of the mouth.



Ergonomically designed t-shaped cleansing heads and handles enable the person to put the scraper proper to the again of the mouth with out triggering the gag reflex. This sort of tongue scraper is finest for folks with small mouths or a robust gag reflex.


Tongue brushes have particularly designed bristles that may successfully clear away plaque, trapped meals, and micro organism from the tough floor of the tongue.

Dr Tung


The curved u-shaped blades of those scrapers are designed to glide over the floor of the tongue and acquire the coating of plaque and meals particles that trigger dangerous breath.

Toothbrush attachment

Some toothbrush producers like Sonicare make useful tongue cleansing attachments.


Scraping merchandise are specifically designed oral well being instruments for cleansing the highest floor of the tongue. They’re normally manufactured from plastic, copper or chrome steel and can be found in a number of completely different shapes and kinds.  Essentially the most generally used scrapers are the two-handled U-shape cleaners and the single-handled T-shaped cleaners. Alternatively, there are additionally cleansing brushes accessible which might be designed particularly for cleansing the tongue floor.


Though tongue cleansing will not be but a part of the each day dental routine for most individuals in western society, Ayurvedic medication acknowledged it as an important cleansing ritual hundreds of years in the past. Jihwa Prakshalana is the traditional apply of scraping the tongue clear of meals particles, lifeless cells, micro organism, and toxins. Ayurvedic medication makes use of the looks and well being of the tongue to diagnose illnesses and well being problems as a result of they seen it as a mirror to the inner well being of the physique.


In accordance with Ayurveda, the mouth is the gateway to well being and wellbeing. If toxins or an infection is current within the mouth, the toxicity can unfold from the mouth all through the physique and trigger sickness. This historic concept is now being substantiated by trendy analysis that’s starting to hyperlink oral infections with coronary heart and artery illness, diabetes, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, untimely births, and untimely ageing.

Dangerous Breath

Tongue cleansing can considerably cut back odor-causing micro organism from the mouth.

Dental well being

Tongue cleansing improves your dental well being and helps stop tooth decay and gum illness.

Common well being

Cleansing away toxins out of your tongue can have a constructive impact in your normal well being.

Cleansing the tongue will not be a brand new apply. Historic analysis has proven that this behavior has been current for hundreds of years in Europe, Asia, Arabia, and just about all over the place aside from western civilizations. All through historical past, folks have used tongue scrapers manufactured from wooden, mom of pearl, copper, and even gold.

One key point of interest to contemplate is the connection between tongue cleansing and dangerous breath, also called Halitosis. Halitosis is a situation that impacts a major variety of folks, and whereas most of them perform oral hygiene measures to the very best of their potential, they nonetheless endure dangerous breath, and that’s the reason quite a few researchers have positioned the matter underneath the microscope, so as to discover a cause and hopefully a remedy for this embarrassing situation.

ASCRO printed a examine of explicit curiosity because it talks concerning the tongue from a morphological view. They made impressions of the tongue floor and studied these underneath the microscope. The examine confirmed the intricate nature of the tongue floor, together with the papillae (these are micro-organs liable for sensation and style), and these papillae are formed like a cup with a lid on it, with solely a small slit round that lid. This construction implies that when particles and biofilm turn into trapped contained in the papillae, the micro organism can start to trigger dangerous breath and infections.

One other level to contemplate about tongue hygiene is the direct relationship between oral well being and normal well being. A number of research have instantly linked oral hygiene to eye infections, joint illnesses, coronary heart circumstances, and even untimely labor.

In conclusion, there may be irrefutable proof linking tongue cleanliness with dangerous breath and different systemic illnesses. I wholeheartedly advocate that you simply add tongue cleansing to your each day routine. I assure when you check out the quantity of particles collected on the scraper you received’t look again.

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Best Tongue scrapers

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Finest Tongue scrapers


Cleansing your tongue is necessary if you wish to keep away from dangerous breath. We take a look at 5 of the very best tongue scrapers.


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