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Dawn Follow for Self-Therapeutic – Ki Practice

Dawn is particular as a result of it’s the second when the Yin vitality of the evening adjustments to Yang vitality of the day. All creatures of Earth comply with a circadian rhythm. Our human physique is wired to rise early, even is a few of us don’t really feel like waking up irrespective of what number of alarms will begin ringing round. The largest influencing issue on the circadian rhythm is mild. Full darkness begins the discharge of melatonin, a hormone that helps us sleep higher. The morning mild units off the discharge of a number of hormones which give us the feel-good sensation.

The Secrets and techniques of the Dawn Gentle

My mother and father used to get up pretty early throughout summer season trip and go outdoors within the solar to catch the morning mild, which I keep in mind from once I was a child. I used to be extra involved with sleeping for the time being than with getting this distinctive mild. What was it about this early morning mild that was so superb that you simply couldn’t have it another time of day?

Zhan Zhuang Posture throughout Solar Rise

The Qi Gong reply:

Our universe is made up of Yin and Yang energies in numerous configurations. Yang represents day, mild, sound, and movement, whereas Yin is evening, darkness, silence, and stillness.

The kind of vitality that exists in the course of the day differs considerably from that which exists at evening. The transition from evening chi to day chi is marked by the rising of the solar.

The Scientific Reply:

Gentle consists of quite a lot of wavelengths starting from blue to crimson. Some wavelengths are invisible to the bare eye: infrared and ultraviolet mild. Everyone seems to be speaking about vitamin D, which is produced when our pores and skin is uncovered to UV mild. We expose ourselves to various kinds of mild within the early morning: infrared and blue mild.

Several types of mild waves

The Infrared Gentle

Collagen is stimulated, bones restore quicker, and wounds heal quicker when uncovered to infrared mild (roughly 42 % of daylight). Infrared mild has been proven to have anti-aging properties, reducing wrinkles and scars. Daylight is required to cost the water in our our bodies, simply as it’s required to replenish a photo voltaic battery.

The Blue Gentle

Morning blue mild is what wakes you up by elevating your cortisol and is activated when blue mild hits your pituitary gland. It units your circadian rhythm for the day.

Blue mild has disappeared by sundown so you possibly can go to sleep and melatonin then comes out to play. Gentle is the swap that controls this cortisol-melatonin recreation. Apparently, while melatonin is launched at evening, it’s made in the course of the day by morning mild.

Qi Gong Dawn Routine

Heat Up

It doesn’t matter what time of day it’s, we should always at all times start our coaching with warming up. The emphasis ought to at all times be on stress-free all the physique, together with the joints and inside organs.

The perfect method to obtain the solar’s vitality by the early dawn mild is to enter a relaxed Yin way of thinking and physique. In a perfect scenario, each of our toes must be in shut contact with the bottom (barefoot, pores and skin to earth).

Typical Dawn Qi Gong Workouts

The 60-second sun-gazing

Maintain your eyes half open and your gaze mounted on the Solar for not more than 60 seconds proper after the solar rose above the horizon. To keep away from any eye injury, be sure you don’t expose your eyes to extra direct daylight.

Absorbing Solar Qi by Closed Eyes

After the 60 seconds of gazing on the solar, we’re closing our eyes and we “look” on the solar with our eyes closed, permitting the vitality of the solar to heat our eyelids.

The eyes are linked to the liver.

Consequently, this train must be linked a liver exercise.

The routine ends with a Coronary heart Qi Gong train, by permitting the photo voltaic vitality to enter the photo voltaic plexus.

Solar gazing have to be practices with warning, to keep away from damaging the eyes

Dawn Mantra Meditation

We use the early morning apply to take a couple of minutes to focus our thoughts on what we wish to expertise in the course of the day. Whereas holding each eyes closed, we repeat a minimum of 8 instances (extra is healthier) a brief and easy phrase which describes our intention for the day.

Different advantages of Dawn mild publicity

Higher Temper

I can not assure this profit for everybody, however I can guarantee you that it doesn’t matter what ideas or feelings hang-out you while you get up, by the point you join with the solar on the earliest instances of the day, your temper will considerably enhance.  Additionally, you will expertise elevated ranges of vitality. Those that hook up with the Solar vitality early within the morning will likely be extra highly effective for all the length of the day.  

Recent Begin of a New Day

Every single day is a brand new life, beginning your day at dawn with qi gong will put ourselves right into a optimistic way of thinking, connecting with our inside self, goals and optimistic ideas. Beginning contemporary additionally means letting go of damaging pondering patterns. 

Obtain Extra

If you happen to get up to do qi gong early within the morning, you should have extra time for your self and your each day objectives. Thoughts will likely be ready to plan higher the day.

Follow Qi Gong with us. Discover out when is the following dawn session right here.



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