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Cucumber Diet details and Well being advantages

Choice and storage

Armenian cucumbers in a market. (Cucumis melo var. flexuosus)

Cucumbers may be offered readily within the native markets throughout the season. Contemporary varieties, relying upon the cultivar kind and area, in addition to preserved, pre-processed, and pickled are additionally made out there within the grocery shops.

Within the shops, purchase contemporary ones that function brilliant inexperienced colour, agency and stout in texture. Search for spots, cuts, or breaks on its floor. Don’t purchase overly mature or yellow-colored cucumber since they have an inclination to own robust pores and skin, and mature (onerous), inedible seeds. Moreover, keep away from these with wrinkled ends as they point out outdated inventory and out of taste. Go for organically grown merchandise to get the wealthy taste and nutrient content material.

As soon as at dwelling, they need to be washed totally in clear water to rid of any floor dust and pesticide residues. Their pores and skin comes
in quite a lot of colours and sometimes with tiny spikes that must be rubbed off simply. Don’t discard the peel because it has very important minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber.

To retailer, preserve them at room temperature for a day or two, however higher saved within the fridge set at excessive relative humidity the place they keep contemporary for a number of days.

Preparation and serving strategies

Wash them totally in chilly operating water simply earlier than use. Scrub gently at locations the place prickles or dust connected firmly. Trim each ends utilizing a pointy knife and rub the ends to take away sticky, off-white, fluid-like oozing substance with a view to reduce bitter style at both finish. Minimize into cubes, slices, as it’s possible you’ll need.

Listed below are some serving suggestions:

  • Contemporary, cleaned cucumbers could also be loved as they’re with none additions.

  • Its cubes/slices are a fantastic addition to vegetable/fruit salads.

  • Indian yellow curry-cucumber (dosakayi) is used broadly in quite a lot of curry, and stew preparations in South India with added buttermilk and yogurt.

  • Finely chopped contemporary slices combined with yogurt, cumin, coriander, pepper, and salt to make Indian condiment, cucumber raita.

  • Cucumber juice is an excellent well being drink.

  • Fantastic slices additionally added in scrumptious Spanish chilly tomato and cucumber soup, gazpacho.

  • Gherkins and thick rind of different varieties have been additionally used within the preparation of pickles.

Security profile

Usually, some cucumbers mat flip bitter akin to bottle gourds on account of terpenoid poisonous compounds equivalent to cucurbitacin B, D, G, H, and many others.

A small slice of cucumber must be tasted earlier than consuming the entire fruit to make sure that it isn’t bitter. If discovered; the entire fruit must be discarded. In a case of discomfort after consumption (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or any feeling of uneasiness), the individual must be instantly taken to any close by hospital. (Medical disclaimer).

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Additional Assets:

  1. USDA Nationwide Nutrient Database.

  2. Stanford College of Medication Most cancers info Web page- Diet to Cut back Most cancers Danger.




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