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Crystal Grid Below Glass Field, Bowl, Cupboard, Cloche?

Will a crystal grid below glass nonetheless work? Can you set a crystal grid inside a glass field, terrarium, glass cupboard, below a glass bowl or glass cloche? Will it block the vitality and intention from getting out?

Why Would You Place A Crystal Grid Below Glass?

That is one thing I get requested generally in the case of the location of crystal grids within the dwelling. There are fairly a number of causes that individuals need to put their crystal grid below glass. Firstly, a glass masking will shield the grid from being disturbed.

This may very well be to guard it from babies or pets. It additionally reduces the possibility of individuals you reside with or visiting touching the grid or shifting the crystals whenever you’re not round.

crystal grid under a glass bowl
Crystal grid below a glass bowl (used)

TIP: Glass bowls make cheap and safe coverings for crystal grids. They’re onerous to maneuver by animals or babies.

Glass coverings or containers nonetheless assist you to see your crystal grid. This lets you simply consciously join together with your grid and nonetheless get pleasure from its magnificence. It additionally helps continuously reminded you of your intention.

One more reason is {that a} glass masking will shield your grid from mud. Bodily cleansing the bottom and crystals in your crystal grids takes time, particularly if in case you have a number of, like me! 😅

purple and green crystal grid with flowers andmy books
Crystal grids work finest when freed from mud

One other one which comes up is the ready-made crystal grids which can be wall-mounted. These usually come framed, like most frames the grid is protected by a pane of glass. That is to guard the portray or on this case crystals from mud. Earlier than I let you know what I take into consideration placing your crystal grid below glass, I believe it’s necessary to grasp what glass is.

Crystal grids under glass bowls and in glass boxes
Does a crystal grid below glass nonetheless work?

What Glass Truly Is

I see a number of misconceptions round supplies like glass. Glass has been made by people since historic instances. Though it’s ‘synthetic’ it’s made out of pure supplies. You could be stunned to be taught that even in the present day glass remains to be made out of principally melted sand.

One thing To Assume About On The Seaside

Sand comes from weathered rocks, together with crystals and minerals. Sand comprises tiny gem stones, 🤯 each minerals (together with Aragonite and Garnet) and natural ones (together with Coral and Pearl). One of the considerable minerals present in most sand is Quartz.

Being excessive in silica-rich minerals like Quartz, sand melts to provide the crystal clear materials we name glass. A cloth that we now know is nice for recycling again and again. Some glass corresponding to that utilized in home windows or for cooking (soda-lime glass) has minerals from Limestone and Dolomite to make it stronger.

TIP: And sure in the event you’re questioning, strolling or laying on the sand on the seashore or in a desert is deeply therapeutic and cleaning.

The Metaphysical Properties Of Glass

Glass is a pure materials made out of supplies which have vitality. It’s not a coincidence that it appears so just like Clear Quartz and has the same composition to Obsidian. Glass permits gentle to move by it and also can act as a lens. It may possibly focus, bend and amplify waves of sunshine.

My perspective on glass is that its vitality is just like clear quartz. Feng shui masters and practitioners are properly conscious of its properties and use within the dwelling. Glass permits religious vitality to move by it freely.

This geometric glass show field makes a lovely crystal grid holder

What Occurs To Your Crystal Grid Below Glass?

If you could place your crystal grid below a glass bowl, field, terrarium, cupboard, case, cloche or body it can nonetheless work. The vitality of the crystals in your crystal grid will move by glass. The sacred geometry and your intentions will nonetheless shine like gentle by the glass, out into the ether and the universe.

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