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Change Me — Ananda

Dr. Cheena Chawla

“Higher change your methods, for I hate the stuff you do!” A really acquainted assertion certainly,
expressing disapproval over one thing we don’t like in somebody. Many even lament about
present conditions in life and count on them to vary, with out ever pondering at one’s personal
deficiencies which will really need correction. Considering of adjusting different folks or conditions, nonetheless, solely displays the number of woes which have darkened our personal hearts!

Combating the Demons
What goes on within the outer world, if unacceptable, creates waves of agitation and restlessness, inflicting the demon of wrath to boost its ugly head in most individuals that invariably eats away the peace of thoughts the identical immediate. That’s precisely what Swami Sri Yukteshwar ji mentioned, “An outburst of anger typically stems from a thwarted want.” It’s typically too tough to quell such a rage because the seeds of these needs are embedded too deep in us.

Uncontrolled anger is the reason for many tumults that afflict relationships in a household or at
office. Reminiscences of ache and struggling skilled by us and that inflicted on others, as
offshoots of our personal anger, do prod us to train restraint on such impulsive outbursts however
sadly, every time in future our needs are thwarted, we neglect all previous classes realized within the
darkness that engulfs us solely to err once more.

Such is the trauma of this vicious cycle that as a result of lack of self management, not solely does the demon of anger, but additionally these of lust, greed and attachment lash upon us repeatedly. Trapped in delusive consciousness, as all of us are to a point, the grip of those demons tighten upon us every time we let unfastened our ego, and indulge excessively in ideas or acts of mere sense gratification.

On the root of ego consciousness lies our passionate attachment to folks and issues that
drives our thoughts to have many needs for having fun with the seeming pleasures related to what we’re connected to. Have a look at the overly connected relationship of a mom together with her little one. Although a mom’s love is unconditional, her emotions of attachment might develop into the reason for anticipating one thing in return, mistakenly pinning hopes that her little one will behave in a sure manner that she needs.

This fully overrides the essential truth that each particular person is exclusive and has an innate
persona that does take form with the atmosphere conducive for development however is nonetheless, inimitable and deserves respect. A baby might, due to this fact, blossom right into a grown-up particular person with traits and psychological ideology typically fully completely different from that of each mother and father.

In the identical manner, the over-tight bonds of attachment in different relationships trigger a lot hassle because of the underlying, inevitable sheaths of expectations from these whom we supposedly love. Who wants to vary in such conditions? Although we demand that the opposite particular person should change to accommodate our idiosyncrasies, it’s certainly the time that we alter our methods by shedding attachments.

That’s why P. Yogananda mentioned, “Have a look at life with non-attachment. You’ll
steadily free your self from identification with this dream world.”

Self Management
As we earnestly tread on a non secular path, permitting our Guru to information and self-discipline us, we develop in our understanding concerning the futility of sense-gratifying attitudes and behavior, and slowly start to develop the facility of self management and self-discipline.

Yoganandaji mentioned that, “Self management shouldn’t be self torture, however leads as a substitute to soul happiness.” He additional mentioned that, “Self management should not be misplaced even on the biggest provocation.” Be what life’s circumstances, the power to train management on the way in which we react to them is the important thing to remain calm. Certainly, for all honest fact seekers, the battlefield of life is all too actual the place they valiantly struggle the foes of delusion by at all times retaining their armour of self management prepared for defence.

Such non secular warriors make a acutely aware effort to stay non-attached from folks and
issues, for all they’re ardently searching for is the everlasting happiness of the soul. This isn’t being
detached as in non-attachment there’s togetherness and a sense of being unified with the entire universe that makes the center extra understanding and compassionate to all.

Thus, by training self management what one certainly develops is the power to make proper selections from a medley of life’s choices as the facility of discrimination sharpens.

The Tree of Life
Within the Bhagawad Gita, the Ashvattha tree (pipal or holy fig tree) is referred symbolically to
symbolize the worldly phantasm. It sheds mild on the composite existence of man in three our bodies: bodily, astral and causal representing a triple inverted tree with roots of cranial nerves, life power rays and consciousness above the bodily, astral and causal spinal trunks and the triple branches hanging under.

This human tree of life, deeply rooted in habits of fabric dwelling, is additional described to have three sorts of leaves: sensations, life power and thought perceptions, which join the physique with the surface world. Solely by felling this tree of fabric delusion by the axe of non-attachment that one can elevate one’s consciousness to succeed in cosmic consciousness
and understand one’s personal divinity.

Meditation helps to develop this axe of non-attachment the very second one realizes that the enjoyment skilled in meditation is much better and extra satisfying than all pleasures of this world.

Counsel of Sister Gyanamata
Essentially the most superior lady disciple of P. Yogananda, Sister Gyanamata, recommended her college students to each day follow meditation and observe these three directions: God alone is the doer; Have unruffled endurance and Apply non-attachment.

The follow of Kriya yoga, a easy but very highly effective pranayama, helps to regulate the life power vitality within the backbone, which makes one much less reactive and calmer to life’s conditions by not permitting the demons of anger, lust, greed and attachment to achieve foothold in our consciousness. Having unwavering religion in God and ready for His response, to the numerous calls of our coronary heart, is an perspective of dwelling in humility.

To alter our thought patterns for bringing transformative adjustments in our perspective and
conduct, ‘affirmations’ are very highly effective instruments. Yoganandaji has given many scientific therapeutic affirmations that may assist in uplifting our consciousness, pulling us out from delusive states of consciousness.

Prayers are additionally very efficient instruments for bringing the Divine Mild the place it’s wanted, as a heartfelt, honest prayer makes one accessible to the Divine omnipresent energy that showers as grace or blessings. Sister Gyanmata says that we are able to ask the Guru to hope for us. Within the ebook God Alone, she writes about Brother Lawrence who within the face of failure prayed to God saying, “That’s the manner I’m; that’s the manner I shall at all times be except You assist me.”

Positive, the power to dismiss, at will, the numerous demons of delusion comes by non secular
understanding of the upper actuality that life is a Divine play and we’re all right here on the earthly aircraft just for our souls to study some classes earlier than they’ll merge again into the Mild of God.

This understanding, nonetheless, doesn’t daybreak simply, for we’re habituated, by incarnations, to reside within the darkness of delusion. Simply as a rope rubbed repeatedly towards a rock leaves a mark on it, the assault by demons of delusion on our rocky unchanging self does sooner or later leaves a mark on our consciousness, which is after we start to hunt Divine steerage.

Our coronary heart’s name then makes a self realized Guru come to our rescue to whom we are saying, with hearts of repentance, “Change Me!”

Authentic Put up: Dr. P. Cheena Chawla / / April 5, 2022



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