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15 Sattu Advantages We Guess You Did not Know About…till Now!

Sattu is a protein-rich flour and an excellent summer time drink owing to its cooling properties. It has gained recognition in India as a superfood with many well being advantages and is commonly termed because the powerhouse of power.

Let’s look into the sattu well being advantages and varied different makes use of.

What’s Sattu?

Sattu is coarsely floor Bengal gram. It’s ready dry roasting the Bengal gram within the sand after which powdering it. With a purpose to add extra flavour, typically chickpeas are added to Bengal gram to make sattu.

Dietary Profile of Sattu

Let’s take a look on the vitamins current within the Indian superfood, sattu.




413 Energy


3 grams


64 grams


18 grams


5 grams


25 grams


158 grams

Sattu additionally incorporates traces of calcium, manganese, iron, and magnesium, which play a significant position in tissue restore and upkeep.

Sattu Advantages

Questioning whether or not Sattu is nice for well being? Right here is a solution itemizing nearly all of the sattu well being advantages.

1. Sattu for Weight Loss

Is sattu good for weight reduction? Sure, it’s. Burning off further fats is made simpler by having sattu on an empty abdomen. It reduces bloating, thereby rising metabolism and selling weight reduction in a wholesome method.

2. Retains Your Physique Cool

If you really feel boring and drained with low power ranges because of the scorching warmth within the summers, sattu sherbet is all you want to quench your thirst. It restores your power ranges as a result of wealthy portions of minerals, carbs, fibre, and so on.

3. Nice for Digestion

Wealthy in insoluble fibre, sattu advantages the intestine by scrubbing out the colon and relieving points like clogging, swelling and acidity. Furthermore, it alleviates the burning sensations and irritability within the abdomen.

4. Good for the Pores and skin

Carry out the pure glow of your pores and skin by consuming sattu every day. It retains you hydrated, lifts your power ranges, and the iron in it may possibly make your pores and skin glow. It additionally strengthens your hair follicles and gives them with the required diet.

5. Will increase Muscle mass

Need to achieve weight? Sattu helps in muscle achieve and bulk improvement and will be consumed every day for the specified outcomes.

6. Helpful for Blood strain

Need to preserve your blood strain in test? Drink a glass of sattu with water and a pinch of salt. Sattu having low sodium content material can assist handle your BP and regulate the circulation within the physique.

7. Sattu for Weight Achieve

Can sattu aid you obtain the physique of your desires? Sure! Sattu for weight achieve or sattu for weight reduction, it helps you in reaching your optimum weight. Sattu milkshakes aid you achieve weight by including bulk and constructing muscle because of the presence of huge quantities of pure plant-based proteins and good carbs.

8. Sattu for Diabetes

Sattu for diabetes is a wholesome and pure choice because it has a low-glycaemic index and helps regulate blood sugar ranges. This makes it an excellent choice for folks with diabetes. Ingesting chilled sattu sherbet is efficient in maintaining your blood sugars in addition to blood strain in test.

9. Sattu for Weight Loss

Low calorie and excessive fibre content make sattu an glorious selection for weight reduction. Lowered bloating and improved metabolism promote wholesome weight reduction and burning of fats. Ingesting sattu sherbet or sattu drink will be as wholesome and filling as a protein shake whereas additionally being a refreshing low-calorie drink.

Sattu Drink Advantages

Sattu is a simple to make, accessible and cheap drink with a variety of advantages. A number of the sattu drink advantages are as follows:

1. Improves Bowel Motion

Consuming sattu on an empty abdomen helps correct functioning of the digestive tract. It reduces constipation by rising stool frequency and enhancing bowel motion.

2. It Flushes Out Toxins From Physique

A pure detoxifying agent, sattu helps destroy poisonous substances out of your physique and intestines, boosting immunity.

3. It Retains the Physique Cool

Sattu is greatest consumed as a summer time cooler because it retains your physique cool and hydrated beneath the scorching warmth.

4. It Is Greatest for Folks With Diabetes

Low glycemic index and excessive fibre content material makes sattu a pure, handy, and wholesome choice for sufferers affected by diabetes and ldl cholesterol.

5. It Aids Weight Loss

Sattu for weight reduction is a superb resolution because it reduces bloating, will increase the metabolism fee and is efficient in burning energy.

6. It Retains You Energetic

You’re stored energised all through the day with the improve in oxygen provide in your physique because of the elevated crimson blood cells rely that’s stimulated by the iron current in sattu

How you can make Sattu at Residence?

After understanding the advantages and makes use of of our protein powerhouse sattu, the query that arises is the best way to make sattu at residence?

Right here’s how you are able to do it. The beneath recipe provides ½ cup of sattu.

Grind 1 cup of roasted gram/ chana dal to organize sattu flour. Sieve it or use the tremendous powder as it’s. Retailer it in an hermetic container.

How you can make Sattu Drink?

The commonest and straightforward to have sattu is to make a sattu drink at residence. Listed below are some sattu drink recipes to strive at residence.

1. Sattu Namkeen Sherbet (Sattu Savoury Drink)

Grind 1/3 cup of roasted gram to organize sattu flour. Sieve it or use the tremendous powder as it’s.


  • Sattu flour 3 tbsps (chana ka sattu)
  • Chilled Water 5L
  • Lemon 1( small)
  • Crushed or finely chopped Mint leaves 8 leaves
  • Black salt 3/4 tsp
  • Roasted cumin powder 1/2 tsp
  • Black pepper powder pinch/ finely chopped inexperienced chillies
  • Salt 1/4 tsp

Mix sattu flour and water in a jar/vessel after which add the remainder of the components and serve it chilled.

2. Sattu Meetha Sherbet( Sattu Candy Drink)


  • Sattu flour 6 tbsps(roasted black chickpea)
  • Chilled water 1.5L
  • Sugar (4-6 tbsps)/jaggery/natural unrefined cane sugar
  • Black salt 1/4 tsp(non-compulsory)
  • Lemon(non-compulsory)

Combine all of the components in a mug, add the sugar as per style and serve it chilled.

Distinction between Sattu and Besan

The variations between sattu and besan are as follows:


  • Finely floor Bengal gram
  • Besan is used as a binding and thickening agent in getting ready a number of dishes.
  • It is used to make dishes like pakoda, boondi, missi roti, dhokla, kadi, and so on.
  • Its shelf life is as much as six months when saved in dry and hermetic containers.
  • It is a pale yellow, finely floor, Bengal gram flour, whereas uncooked besan has a tinge of a bitter style to it.
  • Accessible throughout India and bought from any basic shops.


  • Coarsely floor roasted Bengal gram.
  • It is used to make dishes like sattu ladoo, sattu chokha, sattu paratha, sattu halwa, sattu drink, and so on.
  • Its shelf life is greater than six months because it’s roasted.
  • It is a bit darker, coarsely floor, roasted Bengal gram flour and never bitter in style.
  • It’s not accessible in all places besides in Haryana, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. It can’t be bought from each basic retailer.
  • 1 cup of sattu flour will be ready at residence by grinding 2 cups of roasted chana dal. You need to use the coarse powder or sieve it as soon as.

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Aspect Results of Sattu

If consumed in extra, sattu could trigger allergic reactions or different points. Let’s look into the negative effects of sattu.

1. Gasoline

Individuals who endure from gastric points should needless to say extra consumption of gram sattu could cause fuel within the abdomen.

2. Stone

Individuals who have gallbladder stones ought to preserve a test on the quantity of sattu consumption.

3. Rain

Consumption of sattu in the course of the wet season must be prevented as its cooling properties are extra helpful in the course of the summers.

4. Naturally Allergic to chana/gram

Unintended effects of sattu improve when individuals who cannot digest chana or have allergic reactions to it eat it. Therefore, they need to chorus from sattu consumption.

Summing up on Sattu Advantages

Sattu is understood for its glorious cooling properties, for being an power booster in addition to aiding in weight reduction and weight achieve. It additionally helps management blood sugar ranges, blood strain, and ldl cholesterol. There are lots of sattu well being advantages. Nonetheless, extreme use could cause potential negative effects. If such points happen, chorus from utilizing sattu, and if it continues, seek the advice of a health care provider.

Incessantly Requested Questions

Is Sattu Good for Weight Loss?

Sattu for weight reduction and makes for a superb morning or night beverage as it’s low in energy however is filling and wholesome on the similar time. Drink it usually by including 2-3 tablespoons of sattu in a glass of chilly/heat water together with salt/sugar.

Is Sattu Good for Well being?

Sure, Sattu being a nutrient warehouse of proteins, calcium, different minerals and nutritional vitamins like iron, regulates blood circulation and helps cut back irritation. Having a low-glycemic index makes it helpful for sufferers with diabetes.

Can We Drink Sattu Day by day?

Sure, ingesting Sattu every day can preserve you wholesome and enhance your immunity. It’s also much more helpful for sufferers with diabetes.

Is Sattu Excessive in Protein?

There may be 20 g of vegan protein in 100 g of sattu, which makes it wealthy in protein.

Is Sattu Higher Than Protein Powder?

Sattu, being naturally wealthy in proteins, carbohydrates and minerals, is a greater choice than protein powder. It gives power and helps in tissue restore.




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